Marmellando: jams, jellies and compotes made from original and tasty recipes

The soul of Marmellando: 3 friends, 3 cities, 7 children, 3 dogs and 1 common dream: to realize good and traditional products, just like the ones we offer to our families every day using healthy and sometimes ancient ingredients, coming from our past in a beautiful and proud italian region: Basilicata.

When tradition meets technology: Marmellando is a digital-native brand created with the support of web instruments and analytics.

High-quality is our guiding star: we reproduce our recipes by selecting only the best Italian fruit. Marmellando’s jams are all “extra”: it means that the percentage of fruit is greater than 45%.

Marmellando’s flavors are strong, sweet and robust resulting from unusual combinations which confirm that daring is better than giving up.