Who we are

Three faraway friends who got together again in a sweet project.

“What bubbles in the pot” was the beginning of each morning in our daily chat that allowed us to overcome distances, sadness and nostalgia.

Daily life has been enriched by a secret night-time dream: diving into colours, smells and flavours. Each kitchen has been transformed into a steaming laboratory.

For a whole winter, in the light of the kitchen hood and in the silence of the sleeping house, we peeled sliced, boiled centrifugated and experimented. Many trials, many errors, many successes: wonderful colours and supreme flavours.

The transparent and coloured jars in the daylight erased the tiredness of night and lost sleep.

The taste of our creations was the magic potion that gave us the energy to face the day and to find ourselves again in the evening with a new recipe to share.

We present 22 products, we are sure that by tasting them you will find the image we offer you: home cooking and good flavours.

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Brand Image: n.o.w. lab Milano/Pietro Gaeta/now-lab.com

Photo Shoot: Francesco Chiorazzi